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Anthony Weiner: Republicans “Owned” by The Insurance Industry





We were just talking about the mouth on this guy. Today in Congress Anthony Weiner gets called by the refs twice for offensive language.

In a discussion of the Health Insurance Industry Fair Competition Act, apparently speaking on Rep. Peter DeFazio’s (D.-OR) time, Weiner laughs and says, “You know, you gotta love these Republicans. You guys have chutzpah.”

Then Weiner yells that the Republican Party “are a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.” Some discussion is heard offscreen, which we thought was Republicans asking for the Yiddish to be translated, but after Weiner bounces around yelling for a while and then repeats the subsidiary charge, Rep. Daniel Lundgren (R.-CA) demands he withdraw the remarks.

Weiner says, “You really don’t want to go here, Mr. Lundgren,” The chair sends Weiner to the penalty box.

This all happens in the first minute. Much fumf-fumf as Weiner prepares to revise his remarks. Then, around 2:30, he does so: “Every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry!” Then he gets challenged and has to revise again.

Weiner, who maintains a combative Arnold Stang tone throughout, gets a lot of bravos for this at YouTube. He’s turning into New York’s Congressional performance artist.



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