Otarian Will be the Newest Member of the Vegetarian/Vegan Chain Gang


It’s been an eventful couple of weeks for vegetarian/vegan fast-food news. First we learned that the international vegan fast-food chain Loving Hut had opened a location in midtown, bringing so-called protein quesadillas and health vegetables to unsuspecting office workers. Yesterday, news spread of Chipotle’s vegan chicken burrito, which recently had its New York premiere at the chain’s Chelsea location.

And today, Bowery Boogie is reporting the imminent arrival of a Bleecker Street outpost of Otarian, a so-called fast casual vegetarian chain that originated in Australia. According to NYInc, it’s a “global, quick-service restaurant and retail brand based on the principles of vegetarianism and its benefits to human health, the well being of all living creatures and the natural world.”

And if that’s not enough, there’s also Terri, a new all-vegan sandwich and juice shop in the Flatiron District: per Supervegan, it’s serving such classics as a meatball sub, a tuna melt, and a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich, as well as cupcakes.

So despite the proliferation of roast beef sandwiches, fried head cheese, and bacon everywhere, on everything, it seems that the fast-food world is turning over a new leaf. Or at least finding a lot of new ways to feed vegans fake meat.


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