875 People Were at the Market Hotel for Surfer Blood on Saturday?!?


Probably should’ve known that the Surfer Blood bill at the Market Hotel on Saturday night was going to be sold way the hell out, especially when even Luke’s Lobster in the East Village was playing Astro-Coast on Friday night. Nevermind the ominous symbolism in a bunch of Brooklyn kids texting back-and-forth about seeing a band called Surfer Blood while it still looked like a giant tsunami would obliterate Hawaii and all the jackass boarders waiting for the rides of their lives, but by 10:30 pm on Saturday, when the J train unloaded at Myrtle/Wyckoff and half the passengers headed to the same unmarked door, nobody who wasn’t already on a list was getting inside. Apparently the show was something special: “unreal,” according to band itself, with a head count of 875 (!) people–more than three times the capacity of the Mercury Lounge, where they played the next night. Can’t tell how packed it is from the live footage of “Swim” posted below, but damn, that’s a lot of flashbulbs.

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