Yes, Yes, Everyone Loves the Pickleback.


Yesterday, Eater posted its list of 10 “Restaurant Design Trends that Need to Go.” We couldn’t agree more with being soooo over taxidermy, speakeasy style, and wine in water glasses or — worse! — mason jars.

Speaking of overkill, might we also finally be seeing the last of pickleback praise? With Posts both Washington and New York, as well as T Magazine‘s blog filing stories on the Irish whiskey-with-a-pickle-juice-back craze, let’s hope all has been said on the issue. Hey, it’s not that FitR isn’t a fan of the briny shot made popular at the Rusty Knot, then adopted by the Randolph, and now getting hipsters buzzed at the Breslin. But the drink now has its own Facebook page, for crying out loud. Come on.


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