Ken Friedman Confirms Plans for an Ace Hotel John Dory: “What Better Place Than in the Fabulous Ace?”


Yesterday evening, Fork in the Road received a tip that Ken Friedman was planning to resurrect the John Dory at the Ace Hotel. For months now, rumors have been circulating about what Friedman will open at the Ace — in January, there was word of a Tin Pan Alley-themed basement bar where patrons could go to chase down the stuffed pig’s feet consumed upstairs at the Breslin. And it certainly wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine the Ace as a new home for the John Dory, which closed its doors on Tenth Avenue last August.

As it turns out, the tipster was right. Friedman has given our colleague Foster Kamer the following statement:

“April and I have always been planning on reopening a new version of The John Dory. What better place than in the fabulous Ace?? Let’s see if we can make it happen there. We hope it does.”

Right now, Friedman writes, the project is in its “prenatal” stage. “But we wanna move quickly. We have a meat resto in The Ace. There’s a need for FISH.”

And we can’t argue with that.


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