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Revenge of the Cranes! Collapse Hits City Investigations HQ


There was a crane collapse earlier this evening in lower Manhattan, but the good news is that there appear to be no injuries.

Fire department officials say the crane is leaning against a building at 80 Maiden Lane. Police are rerouting traffic.

Wait just a New York minute! 80 Maiden Lane?! The building that just happens to be the headquarters of the New York City Department of Investigation? The agency that has been busting crane operators left and right for months, and which just finished helping indict the owner of the city’s largest crane rental operation for cheating on a used part that went bad and helped flatten two workers and a couple of upper East Side buildings?!!

We’re supposed to believe this is a coincidence?!

Tell me another!

Just wait ’til Rose Gill Hearn, the take-no-prisoners chief of DOI, gets ahold of this one. Look out below!


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