Gorilla Coffee Staff Reportedly Quit Because of “Mean” Co-Owner; Shop Closed Indefinitely


Over the weekend, reports surfaced of an apparent staff walk-out at Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee, which resulted in the closure of the popular Fifth Avenue shop.

A friend of Fork in the Road with direct knowledge of the situation shed some light on the situation, telling us that “the owners [of Gorilla Coffee] are a lesbian couple…one nice one mean. Staff asked the mean one to become uninvolved in the daily ops, the owners said of course not, and the entire staff quit on Friday night.”

The Times‘ coffee correspondent, Oliver Strand, reports that the shop won’t re-open anytime soon, and that the walk-out was indeed in protest of allegedly bad treatment by one of Gorilla’s owners, Carol McLaughlin, who reportedly took a drill sergeant approach in training the shop’s baristas. McLaughlin’s partner, Darleen Scherer, said she doesn’t “understand the perceived hostility.” Perhaps losing a large part of her livelihood (Gorilla’s roasting plant is unaffected by the walk-out) will help her to shed some light on the subject.