The New iPhone, Revealed: The Basics, Why You’re Probably Buying One


There are scoops, and then there are scoops. And there’s reporting, and just getting absurdly lucky. And this is a scoop, and from the sound of it, someone got absurdly lucky. And someone else likely just got absurdly unlucky because of this. Meet the new iPhone:

Via Gizmodo, they have yet to dish the details of how they got their hands on it — which are supposedly forthcoming — but somehow, some of the Gizmodo guys came across the new iPhone in a bar in Redwood City, California. Pretty, ain’t she?

The Basics

Cameras. There’s one on the front, which means mobile videoconferencing is probably forthcoming. The iPhone’s camera is already pretty stellar, especially considering all the apps you can beef it up with. A flash on the back’s was inevitable. How long before that thing replaces casual digital camera users’ purchases in full?

Screen. It’s apparently a lot better, a lot cleaner. It’s also a tiny bit smaller.

Build. The back is plastic; it’s boxier, less rounded.

Battery. Larger.

Needless to say, easily someone at Apple HQ in Cupertino, California, is being summarily executed, or someone is as far as they could possibly be from Cupertino. Apple likes to keep its secrets, and likes to keep them tight, as any competitive company would. But this might be, without hyperbole, the biggest scoop in the history of Apple scoops, ever. The Gizmodo post on it is already at 2 million pageviews. The entire thing is pretty incredible. Take a look. Can’t wait to hear what Apple’s got to say.