Carl Levin: ‘Should Goldman Sachs Be Trying to Sell the Shitty Deal?!’


Try as he might, Senator Carl Levin can’t get a straight answer out of Goldman Sachs during today’s hearing of the Senate’s Investigations Committee about how Goldman and its CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, bet against America.

At least not so far.

As the clip above proves, Levin is even speaking their language — it’s “shitty deal” this and “shitty deal” that.

Over and over, he asked Daniel Sparks, Goldman’s mortgages chief during the 2007 alleged fraud, for a yes-or-no on whether Goldman revealed to buyers of securities that it was actually betting against the success of the securities. He failed.

The answer, though, is “Hell, yeah!” Goldman just won’t admit that it played both sides against the middle class.

Shitty deal for Levin. He should be waterboarding Sparks. The Michigan senator knows about that stuff, too.