Poll: Do You Care about the New York Times/Wall Street Journal Newspaper War?


Maybe you heard, maybe you didn’t, but the news of the week seems to be that the Wall Street Journal has finally launched their new metropolitan coverage section, Greater New York. Hooray! Also: IT’S WAR, MOTHAFUCKAS. But do you care?

Everyone from the WSJ’s mortal enemy, the New York Times, to lots of media reporters to NY1’s Pat Kiernan is talking about it!

Honestly, it’s all been pretty exciting for some of the people following it! Here in New York City, we’ve got ourselves an old-fashioned Newspaper War brewing. This became evident sometime after Rupert Murdoch basically started telling people that he wanted the New York Times to die before he did, which became readily evident sometime after he poured a whole bunch of money into a dying industry, print journalism. Whee!

Except, there’s one problem that hasn’t really been accounted for:

Does anybody care?


For the record, it’d appear that my boss, Village Voice editor-in-chief Tony Ortega, has either fallen asleep on his keyboard after taking too many ‘ludes, or is waiting for someone from the Wall Street Journal to actually stab someone from the New York Times before wasting any pressure blood pressure spikes on the matter. Surely, he can’t be alone. But I enjoy it! So do other media reporters! And now you, the consumer, will have two choices for broadsheet dailies (as opposed to your ONE CHOICE FOR ALT-WEEKLIES). But does any of this matter to you? Let’s find out!

We will publish the results soon! In the mean time, stay tuned, innocent bystanders. This will likely get ugly.