The Day Our Twitter Followers Went to Zero


If your Twitter followers are all gone (NOOOOO!) it’s because Twitter is working on fixing a bug that can force one user to follow another.

Twitter spokesman Sean Garrett told CNET that the bug is “unfortunately” real, and that “we’re focused on fixing it now (and) hope to know a lot more about the specifics once that’s done.”

But what does this mean for us now? It seems that tweets are indeed coming through, even though that 0 followers/0 following count looks pretty sad. Very important existential question: If you tweet with 0 followers, does anyone hear you?

Anyone know more? Shoot us a tweet: @YourUnemployedD.

In the meantime, we’re going to pen a few thank-you notes by hand and maybe call our moms or something.

Update: Per Twitter, hang in there, kids — the bug has been remedied and the follower counts should be fixed soon. Whew, that was scary.