This Afternoon’s “Top Secret” Ted Leo Video Shoot Is. . . at The Bell House


Only love for these guys, but we were admittedly excited about the prospect of the “top secret” video location for Ted Leo’s “Bottled in Cork” to be a dingy Bed-Stuy loft, or the Party Expo space (maybe part of that TBA?), or Damon Dash’s basement (we know, it’s booked), or Allen Ginsberg’s recently gutted apartment, or Lincoln Center, where the punks versus theater-goers rivalry could elevate far beyond anything scripted. No such luck, the Ted Leo video is filming this afternoon at the Bell House. But, no fear, if the above photo of Paul F. Tompkins throwing a beach ball at Scharpling’s face on the set is any indication, this will be plenty ridiculous.

So let’s recap. The shoot now takes place from 4pm to 7pm at the Bell House, before the Ted Leo Generation Records in-store. You were supposed to RSVP, but as of five hours ago, the director was still looking for extras. So there’s a good chance that if you show up at the Bell House as as a punk rocker or a theater-goer, you will be greeted with a hug and a zerbert. Let’s only hope.