New in the Frozen Treats Universe: Chozen Kosher and Guerrilla Ice Creams


It’s always an enjoyable experience to mark the arrival of new ice cream products, and even more so in the middle of a heat wave.

This week brings news of two such products: Chozen, a kosher ice cream with mix-ins, and Guerrilla Ice Cream, a cart that sells scoops whose flavors are inspired by social movements across the globe.

The former, which bills itself as “ice cream with chutzpah!” was dreamed up by Ronne Fisher and her two daughters, who were inspired by a love of both ice cream and eating frozen rugelach. Right now, the Chozen roster is available at area grocery stores and features rugelach, coconut-almond macaroon, and chocolate matzo; the future will bring honey-apple and chocolate babka.

Guerrilla is the brainchild of two socially conscious 23-year-olds named Ethan Frisch and Ori Zohar. The two have so far created five flavors, each named after a social revolution. 8888 Uprising, for example, takes its name from Burma’s democracy movement and its ingredients from the region: It’s a mango-lemongrass sorbet showered with lime zest and shreds of fresh coconut. As Serious Eats reports, all of Guerrilla’s profits go to “marginalized populations” both here and throughout the world, and this summer’s recipient will be the Street Vendor Project. The cart will be parked at the Hester Street Fair this Saturday; expect more locations to follow.