Gail Goode Is Good to Go Against Gillibrand in Primary


Remember big-talking Harold Ford, Jr., from Memphis, who vowed to give our unelected senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, a run for her money in this fall’s Democratic primary? And the even faster flash-in-the-pan candidacies of a clutch of congress members who also said Democrats deserved a choice at the polls?

All folded like cheap suits when the going got tough. Even Jonathan Tasini, that radical Don Quixote, dropped out of the hunt. At petition deadline, the one and only person left standing is a tough-talking but absolutely start-from-scratch unknown named Gail Goode, a former Bronx crime prosecutor who insists that she’s only in it to win it.

Yesterday, Goode’s campaign became official as Gillibrand’s team let it be known that they have no intention of challenging her petitions.

“I am pleased that Kirsten Gillibrand did not challenge my petitions,” Goode said in a statement. “My campaign team collected over 45,000 signatures on petitions from New Yorkers who believe the public must have a fair debate about the issues facing our state and country, and be allowed to vote in an open Democratic election for who they want to be their next senator from New York.”

Goode, who sounds and looks impressive in her few appearances, has literally bet the farm on this race, spending what she describes as “my life’s savings” to get on the ballot. So far, it’s not clear what Goode, who heads a unit of tort lawyers in the city’s corporation counsel’s office, stands for, but she sounds convincing as she needles Gillibrand on her vacillating performance on issues ranging from guns to gays to tobacco legislation.

She’s also hoping that the hand-picked senator from upstate Hudson will get enough media pressure to agree to debate.

“I am calling on Senator Gillibrand and the news media to agree to three debates a week on issues such as gun control, gay rights and immigration.”

Well, maybe not three a week, but this is where Gillibrand should start making her case to Democratic voters before whichever yahoo wins the GOP nomination starts whaling away.