Lupe Fiasco’s #FiascoFriday March on Atlantic Records Is Underway, Right Now


The official start time for Fiasco Friday, the coordinated march of Lupe Fiasco fans (and, allegedly, Lupe Fiasco himself) on the New York and Chicago offices of Atlantic Records in protest of their long-standing (and now remedied) reluctance to release Lupe’s Lasers, was noon today. And indeed, the thing is very much underway, rain or no rain, with Lupe gleefully live-tweeting it (though he doesn’t seem to be there yet) and fans posting photos as they go. The above was taken at the New York staging ground, Central Park’s statue of William Tecumseh Sherman (the scorched earth, free-the-oppressed implications very intentional, one would think). Here are a few more:

The march is headed for 1290 Avenue of the Americas, otherwise known as Atlantic headquarters, where fans will berate the label from 12:30 p.m. and onward for having taken so damn long, just to give us a release date that remains six months away. “Signs are encouraged, but please, no profanity,” so remember that when you head up. Good luck, Matt! Keep an eye on this hashtag, this blog, and this radio station (?!) for updates throughout the day.


Plan accordingly.

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