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Nine-Story Mall Made of Shipping Containers Coming to NYC?


Architecture firm LOT-EK has proposed bringing a nine-story mall made of stacked shipping crates to 42nd Strett and 5th Avenue, according to design blog Inhabitat. Gosh, haven’t we been saying New York needs more stores? But at least this one looks sort of neat.

Plus, Inhabitat does a good job justifying the structure, even on top of their photo gallery:

With the economy stalling, there are currently many empty lots or slivers of land sitting stagnant in the city. Shipping container malls could revitalize those unused spaces. Not only are they easier and in many cases cheaper to construct and uninstall than typical buildings, the natural curiosity they breed in people makes them a great tourist attraction which in turn bolsters the economy.

In the 5th Avenue shipping container mall, each module would serve to house one shop. A system of catwalks, elevators and stairs would sit between the containers and an adjacent building creating a way for people to travel through the mall as well as outdoor space to enjoy. To break up the facade, containers are removed in some spaces so that air and daylight can permeate the mall.

The inside would look something like this:

Though there’s no sign of a construction date, you can see more photo plans here:

LOT-EK’s Nine Level Shipping Container Mall for New York City [Inhabitat via Digg]


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