The Daily Kill Dossier: A Hit List of News Corp’s Freshest Poaches


As it’s been noted, News Corp’s daily newspaper built just for the iPad — The Daily — is on the way. It is Rupert Murdoch’s newest child, the Draco Malfoy to his Voldemort. As such, they’re hiring or trying to hire every editorial staffer this side of the Bangkok Bugle Tribune, which I just invented. Who made the list? Who gave them the cold shoulder? Press Clips, Day 23, News Corp’s Kill Dossier of The Daily Edition. It’s time to name names.

New Hires:

  • Claire Howorth (The Daily Beast, Vanity Fair)
  • Soo Youn (
  • Rachel Doyle (Time Out: Berlin, New York Times)
  • Hasani Gittens (NBC New York, New York Post)
  • Peter Ha (Time, Crunchgear)
  • Josh Hersh (New Yorker, The Atlantic, Son of Seymour)

In Talks/Talked To/Looked At:

  • Nate Freeman (New York Observer)
  • Dan Duray (New York Observer)
  • Molly Lambert (This Recording)
  • (Intern) Sergio Hernandez (Gawker, Runnin’ Scared)
  • Joel Johnson (Gizmodo)

Turned The Daily Down:

  • Matt Cherette (Gawker.TV)
  • Anthony DeRosa (Reuters)
  • Leon Neyfakh (Boston GlobeNew York Observer)
  • Us
  • Jo Piazza (New York Daily News, PopEater)

[Know any more? Tell me!]

Previously Reported Hires

These have all been reported already by David Carr at the New York Times, Joe Pompeo at Yahoo’s Cutline, and John Koblin at WWD.

  • Reihan Salam (New America Foundation)
  • Steve Alperin (ABC News)
  • Pete Picton (U.K. Sun)
  • Elisabeth Eaves
  • Avi Zenilman (Politico)
  • Chris D’Amico (Newark Star-Ledger)
  • Molly Young (n+1, This Recording)
  • Hunter Walker (The Wrap, New York Observer, Daily Intel, Gawker)
  • Jesse Angelo (New York Post)
  • Mike Nizza (AOL, The Atlantic)
  • Chris Wilson (Former Page Six-er, Maxim)
  • Greg Clayman (Viacom Digital)
  • Sasha Frere-Jones (The New Yorker).
  • Richard Johnson (New York Post, Page Six)
For the record, this list is by no means complete or utterly comprehensive, but it was the list of names that I received, that have generated sufficient interest, at least from me. And the people who sent them to me. So there’s that. Now, a few notes on these:
  • Soo Youn, Gossip Dynamo?: was characterized to me as a “dynamo” by someone who still uses the word “dynamo.” She used to be at Entertainment Weekly, she’ll now be reporting to Richard Johnson for their gossip page, joining the previously reported Hunter Walker (Gawker, New York Observer, New York, us).
  • Torn From Tina: Claire Howorth — quite the steal from Tina Brown, who made quite the steal from Graydon Carter when Howorth was producing hysterical, awesome charticles and the like at Vanity Fair — is going to be the deputy to Sasha Frere-Jones, the New Yorker music critic who hopped aboard The Dread Pirate iVessel to edit culture coverage. Howorth was last the Culture Editor for The Daily Beast. But has Jones ever actually been an editor? It doesn’t matter but I’d be curious to know. That said, How is this man’s raw copy, David Remnick? probably wasn’t something asked in the hiring process.
  • GITTENSOME: Hasani Gittens was last at NBC New York as the managing editor. That’s not gonna be an easy job to fill if they haven’t already. He was previously a New York Post reporter as well.
  • Been Around The World: Doyle is going to be doing travel writing for The Daily as a freelancer, but more importantly: The Daily is going to have travel writing? Guess so.
  • The Ha Ha: Peter Ha is going to be their lead tech writer, we hear. So yes, they will have a tech section. I wonder if they will editorialize in favor of All Things Apple? In which case, they should have probably just poached David Pogue.
  • Hershing the Mellow: Josh Hersh — the son of famous New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh — is also, if you’ll note, someone with a New Yorker byline. Approval Matrix Gods, you tell me: Upper-left?
  • Retention Offer Time: The Observer just found out that Dan Duray and Nate Freeman are in the middle of being poached if they haven’t been already.
  • Gizmono! Joel Johnson was probably looked at for Peter Ha’s job but probably wasn’t offered it because he’s too hot-button for those guys. That said, I doubt he’d even take it. Also, word has it he’s not the only Gizmodo writer who’s been looked at.
  • RiJo Sans Jo: Jo Piazza probably turned it down because she’s been in the Gossip Gulag before at the New York Daily News and no doubt will have far fewer panic attacks writing for AOL.
  • Boston Calling: The Observer‘s publishing/art/tech beat and Status Galley O.G. writer Leon Neyfakh probably didn’t take the job because he wanted to get the fuh out of New York, as evidenced by his newly announced gig in Boston.
  • *Kinda True. **Not Word-For-Word But That Was Essentially The Import. I didn’t take it because the low ceilings in the News Corp building give me vertigo.* Also Tony threatened to beat my ass if I went to work for “that old lump of marsupial shit with new batteries.”**
  • The Denton Dollar Rises: And Matt Cherette didn’t take it because we hear Gawker flipped over some cash for him, and regardless of the number, there’s no thrill in New York City quite like squeezing an extra penny or five out of Nick Denton.

More Fun Facts:

DOMAIN GAMES: The Dow Jones company has had registered for two millenia now? Okay, actually, they’ve only had it since September 28, 1995, but it looks like that wasn’t too hard to secure. Domain poachers, it expires on September 27, 2014. Stay vigilant!

Crunk on the Kool-Aid: Words we’ve heard used to describe The Daily: “Amazing.” “Mind-blowing.” “First thought: jesus.” “Call Mike and Jesse just to see if they’ll let you look at this thing. Seriously. It might be worth a shot.” So they are all obviously very excited about it.

And that is your first posting on what may or may not be The Future Of News On A $500 Gadget Currently Best Utilized For High-Definition Binge-Rounds of Angry Birds! Of course, if you know any more, we’d be glad to hear it, but the takeaway is this: News Corp has an iPad app, most of the beings who are being approached to work for it are going there, and all the people already working on it are genuinely very excited to be doing so, but they are also working in a bubble because none of us on the outside have even seen the thing. So they might be correct, or it might be a turd, but chances are it probably won’t be (even if nobody reads it because nobody has an iPad).