Bristol Palin Did Not Call Sarah Palin “Lame” on Twitter, Unfortunately


A mysteriously inflammatory tweet appeared yesterday by @Bristol_Palin criticizing Sarah Palin’s Twitter use. Unfortunately the real Bristol Palin does not use Twitter, as evidenced by the fact that if Bristol Palin really wrote that, it would already be deleted and she would be on Fox News describing the evil liberals who hacked her account. The near-news was first reported by Mediaite, who later noticed that Bristol’s popular Facebook account, which is linked to on the probably fake Twitter, is updated via iPhone while the Twitter is updated via Android. The girl is very successful, so she could conceivably have two cellphones or an assistant. But, sadly, there’s no way this one’s legit.

The account, for one, isn’t verified. We’ve reached out to Twitter for comment, but they’ll probably just make @Bristol_Palin add the word “fake” to “her” bio.

The alleged Bristol account was started on December 30. It has only 74 tweets, many of which are in conversation with an almost definitely fake sister account for @WillowPalinUSA, which includes messages like, “What is a @Sn00ki ? I’m sure there’s a prescription hemorrhoid cream for it.” Both the Willow and Bristol accounts were created on the same day, indicating both were probably registered by the same person or friends looking for a laugh.

If they are indeed the sort of fake accounts that have thrived on Twitter, then it’s just disappointing that they’re not funnier. The “lame stream media” tweet is the first attempt at anything news-making (if it was trying to pass off as actually being by Bristol) and only garners a chuckle because of the sad-face emoticon. That’s how we feel too 🙁

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 10, 2011

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