Crumbs to Go Public, Further Inflict Itself on Public


Not content to limit their detritus to the streets of the West Village, cupcakes, The New York Times reminds us today, are not going anywhere.

Rather, if Crumbs is any indication, they’re going everywhere: The cupcake chain, which is the largest in the country, is going public thanks to a $66 million deal with an investment company. That means that the chain, which started as a single unthreatening bakery in 2003, can fulfill its sinister expansion plans across the country — if all goes according to schedule, it will have 200 locations by 2014.

Crumbs’ ambitions are similar to those of chains like Sprinkle and Magnolia, which are both spreading their sticky seeds across the land with no apparent plans to stop. So no matter what people like to believe about cupcakes being supplanted by pie or whoopie pies or baby bundt cakes, they aren’t and won’t be. That said, there’s always a measure of hope to be found in the cautionary tale of frozen yogurt

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 10, 2011


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