How Will We Format Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily, Which Comes Out Next Week?


The Daily, News Corp.’s much anticipated iPad newspaper, will release its first issue on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, according to a report from Forbes‘ media writer Jeff Bercovici, though a company spokesperson is still mum on the drop date. In the meantime, the new publication, which everyone has been sure to call “iPad-only,” now has an intro page at, meaning it won’t really be “iPad-only,” now will it? It’s as of yet unclear whether the site will feature the full paper (it won’t), choice articles, teasers for articles or just a big button that says “BUY ME!” Also unclear: whether we’re supposed to write The Daily, like it’s digital, or The Daily, like it’s a newspaper. The future is hard.

Writing online, the style guide for publications remains vague, though a rule across the board has been that if it’s only digital, it gets neither quotation marks or italics. Many sites use italics for traditional publications, like the Wall Street Journal, which is easy enough thanks to HTML code or simple blogging software, but there’s also quotation marks, as in “The New York Times.” For whatever reason, though, almost no one gives anything more than capital letters to online magazines like Slate or Salon, or blogs like Gawker or Mediaite.

As the first daily newspaper on the iPad, everyone is pretty much on their own when decided what to do with The Daily. (“The Daily”?) For some reason, it’s being treated more like a normal paper than an intangible product. The Times, when writing about Murdoch’s baby, ignores the whole thing altogether, by just capitalizing the name of all publications, no matter their medium. The New York Observer, meanwhile, which gives italics to newspapers, but not to websites or blogs, is going with a slant for The Daily, as is New York magazine’s Daily Intel. We’re leaning toward The Daily, too, because it is being billed as a “newspaper,” but we’re not really sure where to draw the line.

See! This is the shit we worry ourselves with since we’re not on the exclusive preview subscribers list of 1,000 people who can see the “dummy issues” now. To kill time until Wednesday, there’s also the list of accomplished people involved on the editorial side. But if you feel like sending some screenshots (or your take on the correct formatting!), please feel free to email us.

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