Birdbath’s Pistachio Crusted Tofu Rewards the Roving Vegetarian


While looking for a quick, easy dinner that didn’t come between two slices of bread the other day, we stopped into Birdbath’s Third Avenue location and emerged with some pistachio-encrusted tofu.

They were big, muscular cubes, with soft, creamy innards that made a satisfying contrast to the pistachios that formed their crunchy crust. The tofu came with slippery, perfectly al dente noodles studded with what appeared to be soybeans; a pile of lush, roasted carrots; some lettuce; and a tangy sauce that tasted like the love child of ranch and Green Goddess dressing. All in all, it was as flavorful as it was filling, and well worth the $11 we spent on it. It’s a solid option for hungry and roving vegetarians, and everyone else, too.

37 Third Avenue

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