Google Hates Fat People, NYC Woman Claims


About 20 people were battling for a chance to work for Google, one of the richest, most powerful and best employers in all the land, but seven people were cut from the hiring contest along the way, like some type of cutthroat Mark Burnett production. But everyone removed just happened to be an overweight woman, noted a secret Jezebel source. That set off some alarm bells: in the logic exam portion of Google Olympics, two out of three questions were about fitness, and when another (overweight) woman asked about the scoring, she was told the results weren’t about the score, but about “the overall person.” By the end, “There was not one fat person left in the pool,” says the source — they had “separated out the fatties.” Google says they “don’t discriminate,” as lawyers far and wide start to feel their palms itching. [Jezebel]