Ron Jeremy Pimps His Ron de Jeremy Rum


“Rum” in Spanish is ron. Get it? It was only a matter of time before adult film star Ron Jeremy launched his own rum. Over at Food Republic, he explains just what makes it so “long” and “smooth.”

Quoth the Hedgehog (Jeremy’s nickname):

I’ve endorsed all sorts of things — cigars, rolling papers, hot sauce, penis pills — and they have all been successful. I only pick great products. The same thing with the rum. Find me one bad review!

Fair enough. So, how should one enjoy Ron de Jeremy? There’s the Ronito, the Ron and Coke, the Rona Colada. But we like the Hedgehog’s Delight, created by Wayne Curtis, author of And a Bottle of Rum: rum, fresh lemon and lime juice, Darjeeling tea, demerara sugar, and tropical spices, served in a 9.75-inch-long glass. And if you don’t know what that figure refers to, you’re clearly not watching enough porn.