Beefcake Shots Of The Hottest Butch Number Of The 1950s


Says La Daily’s own Gregory Moore:

“For my dough, the hottest, butchest, tough-guy hunk in Hollywood, circa late ’40s/early ’50s: Steve Cochran.

“He was Mae West‘s discovery and longtime stud well into her 60s. (According to Mamie Van Doren, they both ‘shared’ him … and according to Mamie, he had the biggest dick in Hollywood.)

“You’ll see some evidence of that in the final triptych I did of 3 screencaps from a 1952 film called The Lion and the Horse (guess who he played?), in which his jean-covered crotch should have gotten co-star billing!

“Here are some other lovely pics of him … the blonde in the ‘clinch’ photo is Ruth Roman.”

Ruth Roman from my movie club classic The Baby? Now that’s hot!