Get Ready: Here Is “The View,” From The Lou Reed/Metallica Collaboration Lulu


Last night Lou Reed and Metallica released “The View,” the first track to surface from their forthcoming collaboration Lulu. The breathless press release introducing the album cites its “graphic lyrics of jealousy, lust, violence and revenge, its grinding riffs and tantalizing tones,” and, well, that’s one way of putting what its first taste actually sounds like. Embed below:

In the run-up to this song’s release the guys put out a few teaser clips, and upon hearing those bits I thought, “Hm, sounds like a crabby guy ranting about a woman who he ‘actively despises’ while a warped-cassette copy of Vulgar Display Of Power that was run over by a car immediately before being placed in the tape deck blares in the background.” The full song does not do much to dispel my initial opinion, sad to say, although upon repeated listens I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to its ugliness. Damn you, Loutallica!

On the bright side, if you have a group of friends who are looking for Halloween costumes, you can all go as different metaphorical characters from the song! (Lyrics are helpfully provided on the SoundCloud page; they’re also appropriately typed out in all caps.) One person can be the root, one person can be the progress, etc., etc.