Fork in the Road’s Favorite Hummus in NYC


It’s time for Tuesday Toasts, our weekly feature highlighting the Fork in the Road team’s favorite versions of popular dishes and favorite spots in the city for a given activity. They might not be the best or the coolest or the newest, but instead represent the things and places that are near and dear to our hearts. Will the team have wildly diverging opinions, or do great minds think alike? There’s only one way to find out. Up this week: Our Favorite Hummus.

Tanoreen. Love all the assorted appetizers there, including the hummus.” –Lauren Shockey

Alfanoose. It’s simple, straight-up hummus and not grainy.” –Lauren Bloomberg

“Love the choices at Hummus Place, but like the shakshuka there even better.” –Robert Sietsema

Allswell features a heritage chickpea hummus, which has a uniquely strong nuttiness to it.” –Victoria Bekiempis

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