Beet-Mania at Boukies in the East Village


Patzarosalata at Boukies

Some days, being a vegan ain’t so difficult. Indeed, there are many cuisines that have plenty of purely vegetables dishes without cheese or other milk products. At Boukies, a new Greek small-plate place in the doomed Heartbreak space, there are lots of dishes for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy. One of the best Fork in the Road has tasted so far is patzarosalata.

The recipe is pure genius–a startling mixture of boiled beets and pickled beet stems. But that’s just half of the surprise because underneath is a nice wad of beet greens, making the dish a vertical accumulation of beet material.

The thing is dressed with olive oil and lemon and scattered with fresh dill and celery leaves. What a combo! What a flavor!

29 East 2nd Street