Boukies: 5 To-Die-For Dishes


1. The spanakopita are configured as right triangles, and strewn with microgreens.

Today, Counter Culture arrives by trireme (Odysseus’ type of ship) at Boukies, a Greek tapas bar in the East Village. While I didn’t like everything there, a handful of dishes were outstanding, and worth voyaging almost any distance to get. Here are five favorites.

2. The grilled sardines come striped with sweet tomato confit.

3. The lamb entry (one of only two mains at Boukies) is a four-chop wonder that’s great for those who eschew the uncertainty of small plates.

4. You’ll rarely see such a pretty salad — sluiced with olive oil and herbs and topped with a jaunty hat of feta — as horiatiki.

5. Strewn with fried capers, the grilled octopus looks every inch the undersea menace.