Cats Lure Humans to the Bowery with Promises of Cuddles and Free Cappuccinos


First, they took the Internet; then they set their sights on Manhattan. Welcome your new feline overlords to New York City, humans.

The cats have infiltrated the Lower East Side, and planted their flag at 168 Bowery. They are luring New Yorkers inside with the promise of free cappuccinos, snacks, and cat cuddles.

The Purina One Cat Cafe (as it shall be known until Sunday) started on Thursday with sixteen cats from the Long Island’s North Shore Animal League, all available for adoption. Just as the cats planned, New Yorkers have been eager to welcome them into their homes. At least two were adopted on Thursday.

New York is really just a dry run for these cats, though. Their plans for world domination include similar permanent cat cafes set to open later this year in Montreal, Oakland and San Francisco.

The Voice dispatched photographer C.S. Muncy, recently back from a reporting trip in Ukraine, to document the incursion.

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