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Best TV Show to Showcase NYC Restaurants Without Being a Food Show


Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s incredible Master of None accomplishes many things — from putting people of color front and center to offering a nuanced yet hilarious look at life in the city. One achievement we didn’t expect? A bona fide food tour of New York City gems. Throughout the show’s ten episodes, Dev (Ansari) and his cohorts catch up at hot spots around the city, from the Smile and Hotel Delmano to Mission Chinese and Dirty French. In the most poignant episode, Dev and his friend Brian (Kelvin Yu) try to better understand the struggles their parents went through when immigrating to the States. What better place to do that than over dinner at Shun Lee Palace with the “good dishes you only serve Chinese people”? Then there’s the episode where Dev helps his girlfriend’s grandmother go AWOL from her nursing home just for a meal at Bamonte’s. Master of None shows the seamless (no pun intended) way that fostering a makeshift family and eating out coalesce into a certain kind of lifestyle for many New Yorkers. Sure, plenty of the places on the show are trendy as hell — we’re looking at you, coffee-shop-in-a-barbershop Persons of Interest — but that’s par for the (main) course in this city. Even the Voice makes a cameo during the search for the absolute best taco (Tacos Morelos, if you were curious). With the big role that food plays in Master of None, it’s fitting that in the process of mending his heart in the finale, Dev follows his stomach.