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Craig Siegel Reveals What It Takes To Be A Mindset Coach


Being a transformative coach is a big responsibility to shoulder as it affects people’s futures. It’s not an endeavor that anyone can simply take on and be effective. That’s why talents like Craig Siegel are admired by many. He possesses qualities that make him a compelling keynote speaker, mindset coach, and breakthrough manufacturer.

Craig began building his skill set through his entrepreneurial career on Wall Street. Although he later decided to leave his stable job for Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), it wasn’t because of the rewards. In fact, the entrepreneur has built numerous businesses from scratch and led them to success. He chose to become a mindset coach because he feels that this was his purpose in life.

Many already know Craig for his exceptional communication skills and entertaining personality. People were attracted to listening and believing in what he shares. He has also inspired countless members of his audience on his YouTube videos, including his other social profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Upon realizing that his purpose in life is to usher others to success, he didn’t hesitate to start CLS. He uses it to inspire people to make them want to reach their full potential. Through his skills, he turned CLS into a beacon of hope for people looking to achieve greatness through their ambitions.

One of the qualities that enabled Craig to be an effective mindset coach is the knowledge and experience that he has amassed through his years of experience. He calls it “sharpening the axe”, and he did it by learning. Whether it be books, podcasts, or movies, it didn’t matter to him as long as there was a valuable lesson that he could absorb.

Although being knowledgeable is an essential quality for a transformative coach, that’s not all there is to it. What sets Craig above is his ability to inspire people to further develop their desire to improve their standing in life. He knows how to convey his knowledge effectively and use it to fulfill CLS’s purpose.

He has a positive energy that rubs off on others and the charisma that draws the audiences’ attention to him. Although it all comes down to the clients at the end of the day, it is because Craig is relatable that he’s able to make positive changes in others. That’s why such skills, if not present, render a mindset coach’s effectiveness futile.

Above all, Craig emphasizes the importance of passion. He became an effective  transformative coach because helping people manufacture breakthroughs makes him happy. He’s confident that it’s his purpose, so he’s always motivated to be as effective as he can while on the job.

Craig aims to spread his influence to more people. In fact, CLS is now only putting the final touches on its upcoming charity. It’s called Special People Rise, and its mission is to mentor underprivileged children so they have something to look forward to in the future.