Gooby Gambles Is Helping Thousands Crush the Crypto Game


Years ago, the world was introduced to a new way of making money. It was called investing and came in many forms, like stocks, bonds, and more. With new technological changes, the world is experiencing a financial revolution. Nowadays, we have another form of investment: cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). With blockchain technology providing the backbone for these tokens, they have become increasingly popular.

That has created room for scams, discouraging many from experiencing this revolutionary industry. While there are many genuine projects out there that do not cheat investors or mislead customers, these fake projects pose as real ones to lure people into spending their money. Thus, the question remains: how can one tell if an NFT project is legitimate? Crypto influencer Gooby Gambles is here to help.

For several years, Gooby made many of the same mistakes as other investors in the crypto and NFT spaces. He admits to taking a major hit and losing a solid amount of ETH when one project he invested in tanked. However, he persisted, learned lessons, and used them to launch a successful career. Gooby Gambles leverages those experiences to guide other investors and influencers to help them achieve financial freedom through cryptocurrency.

Gooby started a Telegram channel a little over six months ago to educate other investors. It has gained millions of subscribers and become one of the largest Telegram Ethereum channels in the world. Gooby’s channel has the highest call rates on the platform. A few months ago, he made one investor $6.8 million from one pick, establishing himself as an authority in this industry. Gooby is now focused on extending his services to investors on other platforms.

From his experiences, Gooby knows cryptocurrency can change lives. That’s one reason he is determined to help thousands make money and hit their goals. He says if an investor can overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt, they can turn their lives around with a few strategic investments. Gooby uses his expertise to help them do that by doing a thorough analysis of projects. That way, he can point out a positive and a negative project, helping investors avoid most pitfalls.

The team behind a project and its track record are some things a potential investor should take time to investigate. However, a new investor may not know where to start, which is why he is here to help. Gooby collaborates with many developers, picking the projects he believes to have the potential to succeed and informing his followers on different platforms. New investors can then use that information to make informed choices, or consult Gooby one-on-one through his Telegram channel.

Gooby Gambles works with other influencers, too. His goal is to ensure they are equipped with skills that will help them launch successful careers, monetize their channels, and grow. He hopes to launch an agency soon, with several influencers under his wing. In the meantime, Gooby plans to continue collaborating with new projects and helping other people attain financial freedom through blockchain technology.