WTF Is Web3? The Team at Probably Nothing Can Tell You


Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been major industry-disruptors over the last few years. Despite the towering growth of these two widely accessible industries, only a small percentage of people have ventured into this space. For the majority, crypto and NFTs are still unknown zones where they fear to venture into. These new technologies carry much power with them – but it can only be wielded with knowledge. Probably Nothing, an educational media brand, is bridging the information gap by helping people understand the prospects of Web3; bringing NFTs and the metaverse into the spotlight.

The emergence of Web3 has revolutionized the digital space, connecting online users and weaving them into digital communities almost seamlessly. Nearly every industry imaginable will benefit from Web3 and the revolutionary capabilities that stem from it. These capabilities will also see the proliferation of NFT projects and new cryptocurrencies in the coming years, ensuring higher returns to NFT and cryptocurrency holders. As a media brand, Probably Nothing works closely with experts and celebrities from different fields to make everyday people aware of the prospects and opportunities in NFTs and crypto.

Probably Nothing creates engaging yet easily-digestible content, illustrating concepts in layman’s terms to help people better understand the concept and power of crypto and NFTs. This leading Web3 educational media brand currently produces educational content with celebrities, Web3 authorities, tech innovators, and artists of all stripes. The brand has already produced an upcoming digital series featuring celebrities from different industries and Web3 experts that revolves around group cultural conversations. Probably Nothing also launched a campaign with Triller earlier this year to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The goal of Probably Nothing is simple: to help educate the masses about Web3 and help empower people as this new space evolves. The current media narrative pits NFTs and the metaverse as incomprehensible concepts that are plagued with bad actors. This kind of misinformation intimidates the average person and ultimately prevents them from experiencing a whole new world of opportunities that Web3 introduces. Millions of people are curious about NFTs but are equally hesitant because of this media narrative. Probably Nothing wants to step in, dispel the myths, give easy-to-understand education, and let people discover Web3 and its power.

Probably Nothing has developed timely news and editorial content, delivered from a perspective that is engaging, easy-to-understand, and relatable. It features stories related to charities, communities, and the overall market highlighting the positive points that are often dwarfed by negative headlines. The media house takes complicated stories and tutorials and breaks them down into comprehensible formats where people can walk away understanding concepts with ease. The team believes that by dispelling myths and providing proper education, more people around the world will appreciate Web3’s massively-powerful tools and core supportive community.

NFTs, the metaverse, and crypto are helping thousands of people discover financial freedom. With the right knowledge and proper educational tools, hopefully millions can also find their lives elevated and enriched as well. This is where Probably Nothing finds its footing and looks to achieve its ultimate goal; by making Web3 education accessible, comprehensible, and straightforward so that more people can be onboarded into the new era of the Internet.