Muu Inu Ventures Toward Play-to-Earn as the Next Trending Crypto Asset


In the crypto space, we have seen tokens grow in popularity with everyday internet users. In 2021, meme coins such as the legendary Dogecoin coin grew so popular that they outpaced more utilitarian assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latest trend of NFTs has led many to believe that play-to-earn (PTE) games will be at the forefront of the next wave of cryptocurrencies with their myriad benefits for players. PTEs are essentially digital assets that can be used for entertainment purposes in addition to traditional utility purposes, such as transferring ownership or creating tradable items on games. One project paving the way for this trend is the Muu Inu token.

Muu Inu is not your average meme coin; they are a blockchain token made for fun and profit. With so many animal hyped tokens coming up, you may ask, why Muu Inu?

With an ambitious development roadmap ahead, it seems that the developers of the Muu Inu project have more up their sleeves than just making the community smile. Among the proposed utilities include staking, NFTs, and a play-to-earn game that will comprise burning and buyback functions within it. Once the Muu Inu NFT is officially launched, the Muu Inu team plans to create a decentralized ecosystem where players can collaborate with each other and generate revenue by completing tasks that require little effort and earning digital assets. As the project grows, the development team plans to unveil new features that will ensure the project holders derive maximum value from their tokens.

The project’s official website reflects its supporters’ excitement: “ MINU is KING! MINU will spread like wildfire across BSC as the animal hype revival is taking place,” the team declares. “The revival could never be more perfect than now! While BSC takes a hit, we still make this project a big hit!” In other words, this cryptocurrency offers something new, exciting, and different than other tokens available on the market today.

Even before the official launch, the Muu Inu project has generated lots of buzz, and with good reason. For starters, the project has crazy tokenomics. The total initial supply is 1 trillion tokens with 6% buy/sell taxes. 1% of that will go back to the liquidity pool, 1% to the team, and 4% to marketing. The team points out that no project would dare launch on the Binance Smart Chain with such tokenomics nowadays, except the Muu Inu. “We are confident though, that we have taken all the primordial steps to MOON the MUU!” they assert.

Crypto enthusiasts and gamers are already joining the growing community in readiness for the official launch of this project later in the year. Already the project has attracted over 23K followers on Twitter and the numbers are growing by the day. A few days ago, the project developers announced that the designs for the Muu Inu tokens will be finished toward the end of June and fans should be able to buy them on a private marketplace a few days after. That means that the Milk Cult will be well and truly on its way toward domination of the animal-inspired token space within the next few weeks.

In the future, the Muu Inu development team hopes to do more and reach more crypto enthusiasts. The goal is to create a fun, fulfilling, and empowering project that will impact lives for many years to come.