5 Places to Have Sex in NYC and Not Get in Trouble (Probably)


Whether you’re charmed by the romantic atmosphere of New York, or you just want to unwind from the bustling city life, there might be places to have sex in NYC that aren’t in your apartment.

Check out some places to have sex in NYC, in case you’re in the mood to be risky!

5 Places to Have Sex in NYC in Public

1. Central Park

Central Park may sound like one of those intimidating places to have sex in NYC, but it’s probably not as risky as you think (or overthink) — as long as you are cautious! The park is huge and you’re guaranteed to find a spot where you can get risqué with your partner when no one’s passing by. If you have a knack for having sex in somewhat public places, you can even use the Central Park map guide — as a guide on where you’ll have sex in the park next!

2. NYC Subway

Having sex on the subway can be tricky — as it’s an extremely busy place! The key to finding a few minutes to get down and dirty with your partner is to find out which routes have stops where everyone gets off. Take notes of that — as well as which hours of the day (or night) are the least busy.

3. The Backseat of an Uber Ride

Having sex in the car is always on the table. However, when the car isn’t yours, it’s going to be different. If you find an Uber driver who’s okay with you getting it on with your partner at the backseat, then you can opt for a quickie before you arrive at your destination — do tip the driver generously, though! If you don’t want the driver to be aware of what you’re doing, then you can just discreetly make out or grope each other — unless you’re good at hiding oral sex!

4. Library Bathroom

Public bathrooms are also always one of the places to have sex in NYC — and you can go for the most convenient public bathroom, if you really need to do it with your partner ASAP; be it a sandwich shop bathroom or a gas station truck stop bathroom. However, libraries don’t have as much foot traffic as the said establishments.

That’s why if there aren’t lots of folks in the library, you can sneak into the bathroom with your partner and do it there. Of course, maintaining silence while having bathroom sex is more imperative than ever — it’s way more applicable than keeping quiet in the library!

5. On a Ferry

The Staten Island ferry can be one of the most clever places to have sex in NYC. Although typically crowded, the passengers of the ferry are usually busy checking out the view. While they’re busy admiring Lady Liberty, you have the liberty to get sexy with your partner.

Possible Repercussions if You Do Get Caught

The New York Penal Code 245 states, “A person is guilty of public lewdness when he or she intentionally exposes the private or intimate parts of his or her body in a lewd manner or commits any other lewd act: (a) in a public place, or (b) (i) in private premises under circumstances in which he or she may readily be observed from either a public place or from other private premises, and with intent that he or she be so observed, or (ii) while trespassing.” 

However, some legal experts can possibly dispute the penal code if you and your partner get caught publicly engaging in sexual activity — they can emphasize the “intentionally exposes” part. Therefore, unless you and your partner are exhibitionists, other than embarrassment, you’ll most likely be fined for getting caught having public sex.

“Sex and the City!”

We can’t help it! Sometimes, the heat of the moment isn’t patient enough for you to traverse the NYC traffic. That’s why if you really have to do *it*, and you can’t wait until you do it in your apartment, you can find a few places to have sex in NYC that — hopefully — no one will notice!

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