A Short Interview With Perez Hilton


Gossip blogger and member of this year’s Out 100 (the mag named him one of its favorite “provocateurs,” natch), Perez Hilton once again leaves the perfect weather and plasticity of L.A. to infiltrate our city on the most important party night of 2007. (At this point, he’s unofficially an expert on hosting duties—the number of soirees he’s overseen this year rivals only the number of lawsuits he’s been involved in.) Feel free to verbally spar with the cynical sharpshooter, who vows not to care what people say about him. But remember: He can probably get you kicked out.

Perez, tell me about this party you’re hosting. It’s the second year in a row that I’ve done it, partnering with my friend Michael Satsky from Stereo, where we take over a really nice hotel—last year we had it at the Hudson Hotel; this year we’re having it at the Gansevoort. Christina Aguilera co-hosted with me last year, and I’ll have a co-host again this year, but we haven’t announced who it will be yet. Last year John Mayer showed up. It’s just a good time.

If you could pick three people as your ideal party attendees, who would they be? People who would, like, realistically come? Or fantasy guests?

Fantasy guests. Um, Madonna. Madonna. Madonna. Who else? Angelina Jolie, because she’d bring Brad Pitt, so that’s two for the price of one. And Madonna. And . . . Oprah.

Are guests ever really mean to you at your own party? I don’t know if everyone’s always nice, but I don’t care if they’re mean. I have thick skin. I dish it out—I can take it.

What were your favorite gossip stories of 2008? You mean 2007?

Right. Yeah, 2007. Well, just the entire year for Britney, of course. That’s just been one long, never-ending, amazing story. It couldn’t have been scripted.

Any New Year’s resolutions? To get laid more. I’m gonna be a big man-whore next year. That’s a good one, right?

Hotel Gansevoort, p p.m.’ $200–$3500, 18 Ninth Avenue, 646-432-5947