Band of Horses Not Available? Let Les Savy Fav Soundtrack Your Street Art Instead!


First Shepard Fairey gets up at the Music Hall of Williamsburg to the sweet, sweet strains of Band of Horses, Fugazi, and Metallica; now, it seems, Brooklyn vets Faile and their mysterious buddy Bast are getting in on the random street art-indie rock crossover act. The collective plus one have commissioned Les Savy Fav guitarist Seth Jabour to do the music at Deluxx Fluxx, a functional video arcade “programmed with games using Faile and Bast imagery,” according to Gothamist, located at 158 Allen Street. It opens tomorrow, and will stay that way Tuesday through Sunday from 3-11pm until May 27th. Then after that Raymond Pettibon might clear his throat and deign to remind everyone he and Greg Ginn still run this particular niche, and will till the end of time.