Francophiles, take to the streets. Just ten days after the Fourth of July, France celebrates the 1789 storming of the Bastille, an event that has come to mark its own independence. Substitute baguettes for burgers and macaroons for apple pie and you get the idea. The French Institute Alliance Française presents Bastille Day on 60th Street, the annual street fête with all-day music, dancing, performances, food, and lots and lots of wine. Learn how to can-can (a desirable skill for anyone) or browse the rows of artisans for gifts and homemade goods. If the cornucopia of crêpes, éclairs, and fromages for sale haven’t got you stuffed, enjoy even more hors d’oeuvres on the “Grands Vins Tour de France,” a tasting of 25 exceptional wines and champagnes. If it all suits your fancy, throw a hand into the drawing—this year’s grand prizes include all-expense-paid trips to France, St. Bart’s, and New Orleans. Between 60th Street between Fifth and Lexington Avenues.

Sun., July 13, noon, 2014