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Douglas James: The Importance of Facebook Ads to Skyrocket Businesses


Did you know Facebook has over 2.6 billion users across the globe? In this era of social media with outstanding marketing strategies, it’s hard for your product not to sell online. As a modern-day marketer, Facebook is a social media platform that business owners are using to grow their business. This makes it among the most effective ways of social media marketing.

Even with the enormous reach of Facebook, packaging your ads to interest your target audience plays a significant role. With Facebook Ads, your goal is to capture users’ attention so that they will not scroll past your Ads.

Douglas James, CEO of Douglas James Digital, has been in the industry for over a decade, giving him the experience and skills to help grow your business. Over the years, Douglas has used Facebook Ads to scale up various companies and this is proof that Facebook Ads are indeed an effective way of marketing.

Here is why you should consider Facebook Ads to skyrocket your business:

  • It allows you to target your exact audience.

By looking at users’ profiles, you can determine their interests, age, and gender, among other details. On Facebook, you can also find ‘lookalike audiences.’ This means with the demographics of your target audience, you can search for other consumers who fit the demographics and add them to your list. Facebook gives you a sneak peek into the users’ daily lives enabling you to analyze their probability of buying your products.

  • It is a fast and affordable way of advertising.

Compared to other forms of advertising Facebook is quite affordable and drives immediate results. Facebook is an interactive platform that allows you to engage with your target audience and hear their feedback almost immediately after the Ad starts running.

  • It offers multiple Ad types to choose from.

Facebook advertising does not limit you to certain ad types. A benefit of using different ad types rather than plain text ads is that it promotes brand awareness. Adding visuals to your ads gives the audience familiarity with your brand and more awareness of your products or services.

  • It increases word of mouth and referrals.

On Facebook, there is always a share option that can make your business go viral in a matter of seconds. There are those people who prefer to make purchases based on customer feedback. Facebook is an interactive platform providing instant feedback. Referrals and word of mouth can also be used to drive traffic to your website by running a website click campaign alongside your ad.

  • It increases revenue and sales.

Facebook ads are known to drive sales and the revenue of a business. Nowadays, with most companies, you can purchase anything from the convenience of your home. This simply means anyone who views your ad and is interested just needs to visit your website or any other platform where your services are available and then decide to make an order.

The digital age is upon us and shifting consumer needs very quickly. According to Douglas, the digital age favors the prepared, and this preparation is in the form of establishing a solid social media presence. Brands now need to go where their customers are and convince them to follow you. Businesses need to court consumers online, and Facebook ads will help you reach a wider audience increasing your leads and conversions.

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