Facebook And The Law: NYPD Deputy Inspector Targeted On The Social Network


In a week filled with headlines of a fired LAPD cop gone on a killing spree after posting a murderous ‘manifesto’ on Facebook, this story should unsettle you.

Yesterday, the New York Post reported that NYPD deputy inspector Joseph Gulotta was virtually targeted on the social network when an anonymous user posted intimate details on the specific Precinct’s page about said inspector and ordered a “hit” on him. The details included the police officer’s schedule (down to the exact hours) and car model. Almost immediately, the D.I. filed a complaint against the harrowing message and it has since been removed.

Mr. Gulotta is in charge of Brooklyn’s 73rd District – home to Brownsville, East New York and other neighborhoods with particularly high levels of violence. His unit is known for its knack to monitor Facebook for suspected criminals – kinda like the one we’re dealing with here – and its most recent social media gang bust landed 49 members. As of now, the NYPD believe the user may belong to a gang prevalent in the area known as OccFam.

But whoever it may be, the lesson here is simple: Facebook can be a real dark place for criminals and police… if it wants to be.