Last year, Canadian Mac DeMarco popped up on several music critics’ “artist-to-watch” lists for last year’s CMJ Festival, and upon listening to either of the albums he released in 2012, Rock and Roll Night Club and 2, it’s easy to see why: They were hypnotized. Everything about DeMarco’s easygoing, Jonathan Richman-on-acid 
persona effortlessly transports you to some other realm where you’re floating. Lo-fi 
indie-rock songs like “Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans,” off Night Club, seem to consist only of his low, pining tenor, some swishy drums, and his slightly warped take on 
David Byrne’s seductively texture-prone guitar picking. And on the best songs on 2, like the surfy “Ode to Viceroy” and fuzzily warm “Dreaming,” DeMarco’s through-the-looking-glass guitar tapestries are worthy of their own shimmery spotlight. It’s all so mesmerizing, it’s hard not to get swept away. With Naomi Punk, Calvin Love and Tonstartssbandht.

Fri., March 1, 9 p.m., 2013