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From On-Air Journalist To Abstract Artist: How Alexandra Squire Redefined Her Life


You only live once, so you might as well spend it doing what you love. After dedicating time and effort to your career, you may think it’s a bad idea to abandon it for a different endeavor. This is especially true if you can see a bright future ahead of you in that particular profession. However, it’s not only about how high your position is or how rewarding the job is. For other people, their fulfillment comes first.

Take Alexandra Squire’s case, for instance. She had a stable job as an on-air journalist in media, public relations, and television, and her career trajectory was promising. However, a career in journalism just wasn’t in her heart. No matter how much she tried to imagine the greatness that might await her, it just never felt fulfilling.

Therefore, despite the risks of changing careers, Alexandra courageously made the step to redefine her life. She quit the 9-5 culture and instead started working as an abstract contemporary painter and artist. Seeing her success and the sense of fulfillment that she feels in her current career, one can say that Alexandra made the right choice.

However, the path as an artist wasn’t easy for her either. Although taking the leap took a lot of courage, it was still just the start. She encountered more struggles along the journey, but her passion and dedication for art allowed her to overcome them all. Whenever she wanted to walk away, she looked back on why she decided to change careers in the first place, and it helped her a great deal in staying strong.

One of the many things that make being a contemporary artist challenging is that not everyone will understand how much patience and tenacity it takes to complete a single artwork. In Alexandra’s case, she went through a lot of trial and error to develop the perfect technique for her creations. Every piece involves a six-week-long meticulous process, and all the materials she uses are also of high quality.

To make the resin pieces, she paints on wood and lets the unfinished work dry for several days. During that time, she has to properly monitor the pieces to ensure that nothing goes wrong. She then adds resin, and sands down each layer once it’s dry. Afterward, she will clean the pieces, level them, and use the perfect mixture to give existence to her exquisite artwork.

Besides the time and effort that goes into her masterpieces, Alexandra is also working hard to make them inclusive. She wants to build a positive reputation for her works so that when people hear Alexander Squire Fine Art, they can relate it to the fun and comfort of their home. She’s now renowned on Instagram, and her paintings have been featured in regional and national art shows, thanks to all her hard work.

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