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How Three Decades of Experience in the Sports World Helped Jason Koonce Create OTIA Sports


Back in the ’80s and ’90s, sports cards were sold through the post office, and Jason would go to his every day after school to post his card sales in envelopes in the hopes that he would not get scammed. Three decades later, the market has dramatically evolved, but, still at the forefront, Jason’s experiences have enabled him to become an industry leader.

Jason Koonce is a well-known broker of high-end and rare sports cards. He is also the founder of OTIA Sports, a leading agency that helps sports card collectors and investors buy and sell their collectibles.

A former high school basketball player, Jason started trading sports cards at a young age, which at the time was primarily a hobby. As he got older, he realized the potential and opportunities of investing in sports cards after discovering sports trade shows. He started buying and selling cards as a side hustle, and within no time, he was getting a substantial profit from the sales, which led him to solely focus on the sports card business.

Jason notes attending the sports trade shows built him connections with top athletes and agents. This allowed him to expand his business further into the public and private signing of autographs with athletes. Maintaining their exclusive relationship with celebrities, top agents, and athletes to date, OTIA Sports is able to get their hands on specific sports memorabilia, ensuring that you get to build your ultimate collection.

The last three decades have presented both highs and lows for the top sports card broker. According to Jason, keeping up with trends and adapting to change has enabled him to stay ahead of the game. His skills, he notes, have equally helped him as he runs his day-to-day business.

Like most sports card collectors, the fall of the market in the ’90s due to mass production had him enduring some huge losses. In his words, “The recession taught me the value of making calculated moves and not putting all my eggs in one basket.” In addition, Jason notes that sports cards will appreciate and, at times, lose value, so before buying or selling a card, it is crucial that you analyze all possible outcomes and work with one that guarantees a much higher profit.

Currently closing six and seven-figure deals regularly, OTIA Sports has cemented its spot in the industry. Jason’s experience over the last three decades has made him the go-to for sports collectibles and connections with athletes and celebrities. As he continues to grow, Jason is dedicated to helping more people make smart decisions with their investments and have fun while doing it.

Experience is often the best teacher, and Jason has taken the lessons from the past three decades in stride. Armed with this arsenal of what he’s learned, he is ready to set off on a journey to the next level of his business and life. Jason will remain steadfast in his pursuit of this three-decade-long passion.


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