Hulu’s New Lakers Series ‘Legacy’ Takes Its Shot at the Team’s Mythic Story

Snoop Dogg brings some Laker-izzle love to the heap of talking heads.


As the sexy ’70s danced and dribbled into the even more extravagant ’80s, Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss brought an elevated level of spectacle and showmanship to the business of basketball. In her review of Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers, media critic Lina Lecaro notes that “Buss’ approach to every transaction, trade, and deal possessed a nurturing father-like fervor that made people trust him, even if ironically, it took him away from his own kids when they were young.”

That didn’t last, however, because as Legacy documents, Buss’ daughter Jeanie learned from the pros both on and off the court. As Buss told Lecaro in an interview, “When I was younger, seeing a woman in a position of power was very inspiring to me, and it allowed me to think about what the possibilities were. Certainly having a father who advocated for me and supported me and believed in me was a huge help. I say to all the girl dads out there, you know, lean in and inspire your daughter.”

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