Jumping Through Hoops


McCain’s pick of Palin explodes with enough hot air to melt Antarctica.

John McCain‘s panicky but perhaps shrewd choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin — we’ll always remember her as the mayor of Wasilla — is nothing but fascinating. And we basketball fans can’t help but like her.

But Obama’s supposedly inexperienced, and Sarah Palin would be only the beat of an aging heart from the presidency?

For the next few days — at least — we’ll have to hear blowhard after blowhard puff away at the GOP’s act of desperation, which has a Rovian whiff to it.

Even the best news outlets have already boarded this ship to nowhere and run aground. Take the Washington Post‘s fresh-off-the-server Topic A: Assessing Sarah Palin.

Helpfully, the paper picked four operatives, two Democrats and two Republicans, called them “experts,” and asked for their predictable responses.

The result? Predictable.

TV news will be even worse.

But don’t be too tough on the WashPost. The paper’s already slapped up this good backgrounder: “McCain’s VP Pick Palin Facing Ethics Investigation”

I’m still working on my think piece: “Sarah Palin: Problem or Dilemma?”