Kutsher’s Tribeca’s Oscar Cocktail “The Artist”


The drink: The Artist

The bar: Kutsher’s Tribeca

The price: $13

The ingredients: White moonshine whiskey, house-made lemon bitters, house-made sour mix, and a smoked lemon sugar rim

The buzz: This Gibson-style cocktail is making a special appearance for Oscar weekend. A salute to Kutsher’s Tribeca neighbor the Weinsten Bros., The Artist will be served from now until Sunday night (“unless it’s so popular we have to add it to the menu,” says Zach Kutsher). Although the movie that inspired the drink is a silent flick, the restaurant’s noisy atmosphere and big flavors play well with this tart sipper. Play up the citrus aspect by pairing it with the duo of herring — one traditionally served with cream and onion, the other with fusion-y yuzu kosho and a hint of wasabi.