Listen To Devin The Dude’s New Record, Which Just Happens To Be Out Today


Houston rapper Devin the Dude has a new album out today, and it is streaming on his Myspace page. It is called Suite #420. I doubt I have to explain to you what the title means.

In a recent interview with Word of South, Devin explained the record’s origin: Suite #420 is the new album – how ecstatic were you when you realized 4/20 fell on a Tuesday and you could actually pick it as a release date?

Devin the Dude: (Laughs) well it hit me early this year in December-January when we trying to find a release date for this new album. I wasn’t really thinking of that because it was so far fetched, like six months before and we were trying to think of a good date within the next three months or so. It didn’t really ring a bell until later when it was looking for a February release date. I looked on the calendar and said oh shit, 4/20 falls on a Tuesday (laughs).

Mind you, me and my homeboy DJ Domo thought about this. DJ Domo did tracks for me like “Boo Boo’n” and he helped me with tracks like “See What I Can Pull”, “It’s Gonna’ Be Alright” and he’s still down with me. Anyways, in 2007 he said “Yo Devin, you should name your album about weed and put it out on 4/20” and we were laughing, we were high and shit and said “no doubt, let’s do it!” (Laughs). We looked at the calendar and we said oh shit, 4/20 doesn’t fall on a Tuesday. We started looking for the next available release date that was going to be April 20th on a Tuesday and we kept flipping through the calendar and he says “oh damn Devin, there isn’t a Tuesday on 4/20 until 2010” (laughs). I was like oh shit, I don’t even know if I’ll be rapping anymore, forget about it and we scratched that whole idea.

Here it is now. We just got through talking about it a few days ago again. Domo said “remember when we were talking about releasing something on 4/20 and we thought it was going to be too far away?” time has really passed by man.

Early notices on the album’s quality are a little somber. (From the New York Times: “Devin’s ongoing joke, in the old tradition of viper humor, is that he will always be his own worst enemy.” Viper humor? Why does it have to be linked to an “old tradition”?) But decide for yourself. As for this writer, his first experience with Devin was in 2002, looking westward over the Blue Ridge Mountains from the Shenendoah National Park while “Doobie Ashtray” echoed into the night from the back of a Subaru Legacy. He was stoned.