The southeast Asian nation of Myanmar (also called Burma) has become more open to the West in recent years, following political and economic reforms, but its cuisine remains elusive in New York. The sixth annual Burmese Food Fair fills the void, serving a range of traditional appetizers, entrées, and desserts in Long Island City. Proceeds from the event benefit the Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation, which aids orphans and disadvantaged children in Myanmar’s most impoverished regions. So what is Burmese food? Visitors will encounter flavors reminiscent of Chinese, Indian, and southeast Asian cooking. This year’s menu incorporates ingredients as diverse as preserved tea leaves, tapioca, crispy pork belly, and shaved ice. Purchase tickets at the door for $1 a dish, which will allow you to sample items like Burmese summer rolls, noodles with spicy pepper fish, and rose-flavored milkshakes.

Sun., June 8, noon, 2014