Monster Hot Dog Spotted at Union Square


Find it at Adel’s Halal cart on the east side of Union Square.

FiTR has expressed more than a passing interest in hot dogs and all their permutations around the city, so when we discover a new one, we can’t wait to tell you about it. Stumbling out of the Beth Israel Medical Center at Union Square yesterday, we spotted Adel’s Halal Food, one of those humongous street carts plastered with color pictures of fast-food dishes from a dozen cuisines, from which steam billows into the wintry air. A row of log-size beef sausages immediately caught our eye.

Wedged between the kebabs and the gyro fragments on the griddle, a log pile of wieners

Seeing that we were admiring the giant franks — which measured approximately 10 inches in length, and were of prodigious circumference — the grill cook said enthusiastically, “Big, big beef sausage! Four dollars.” We readily ordered one, and watched as he split the dog with a knife, they laid the open side down under a weight, where it began to sizzle. Next he split a demi-baguette, and asked, “Do you want peppers and onions?”

“Yes we replied, and some of those pickled peppers, too,” motioning to a jar that contained an obviously homemade (and as it turned out, very vinegary and spicy) product. An even better surprise was waiting for us: there was a choice of four sauces, including ketchup, grainy mustard, garlicky yogurt, and tahini. Tahini on a hot dog? We demurred and went for the mustard instead.

The thing was wonderful, the beef moist and full of beefy flavor, not tasting of any extraneous spices except salt. The peppers, pickled peppers, and onions were a perfect complement, and the hot mustard took the chill right out of the air.

Adel’s Halal Food
15th Street & Union Square East

Adel’s Halal offers color pictures of its enormous culinary output.