Nazi Doesn’t Care for My Book Blurb!


In fact, he calls me a “schweinhund.”

This bizarre video is actually a promo for the book Beaver Street: A History of Modern Pornography by Robert Rosen.

I’m quoted on the cover saying something saucy and approving about how ex-porn magazine editor Rosen obviously took copious notes with his one free hand.

Well, the video has some Nazi wannabe disapproving of that, seeing as I’m a degenerate who’s been brazenly known to make fun of the Third Reich.

Sorry, Mr. Nazi, sir, but while Hitler was probably a heck of an artist, his ideas were really, really distasteful! (Yes, I’m going out on a limb here and disagreeing with John Galliano. Call me controversial.)

Anyway, check it out at about the 1:05 mark.